What is VSNE?

Veterinary Surgery of New England (VSNE) is a mobile veterinary surgery practice that was established in 1999 by Dr. Geoffrey N. Clark. This type of practice allows specialty surgical care to be provided in the comfort and convenience of your regular veterinary hospital. Dr. Clark is a board certified veterinary surgeon with over 30 years of experience. He has performed thousands of successful small animal surgeries in over 100 veterinary hospitals in New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Maine.

– The home base for VSNE is located in Dover, New Hampshire. We begin and end our day at this location and typically travel to multiple veterinary hospitals in a given day. When we arrive at your veterinarian’s office, we bring the all the surgical equipment, surgical supplies, and the surgical expertise. All surgical procedures are performed on-site in the operating room of the host hospital – your regular veterinarian.
– This business model creates significant advantages for the local veterinary practice, for the pet owner, and for the canine or feline patient. It is the classic “Win-Win-Win” situation!
– Your veterinarian is able to offer the services of an experienced, board certified veterinary surgeon on-site. This allows the primary care veterinarian to remain involved in your pet’s care, even when more specialized surgery is involved.
– The pet owner does not have to travel to a distant referral hospital and work with a new staff during a potentially stressful time. Their pet’s surgery and follow up visits will all take place in the same veterinary hospital where they have their annual visits and receive routine care.
– Most importantly, the surgical patient will receive treatment in a facility it is familiar with and will be cared for by the same staff that has already worked with your dog or cat. This eliminates the stress of transporting your pet from one hospital to another.
– VSNE is designed to bridge the gap between the local veterinarian and distant veterinary referral hospitals. Dr. Clark provides on-site surgical services for your veterinarian, thereby integrating advanced surgical care.

What makes us different?

We are different from many other mobile services in the area because Dr. Clark is board certified with the American College of Veterinary Surgeons.

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